HE3D EI3 Triple Extruder 3D Printer DIY Kit With Optional Scanner


Print with multiple colors and materials with this triple extruder 3D printer! Great for printing wih support as PVA and HIPS. 

Brand Name: HE3D
Model Number: EI3-tricolor 3D printer
CE Certification: Yes
Color Print Speed: 150mm/s
model name: triple extruder 3d printer
LCD: 2004
3D Printing size: 200*280*200mm
printer nozzle size: 0.4mm
3D printing material size: 1.75mm
hot end: full metal
frame: full aluminum
support filament: ABS,PLA,HIPS,PA,PC,POM,flexible PLA, WOOD etc
shipping method: free shipping , DHL , fedex EMS , and so on
Product ID: EI3-03

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